Technology continues to rapidly advance, bringing with it an array of innovative gadgets that can make our daily lives easier and more fun.

Popular tech YouTuber Arun Maini, better known as “Mrwhosetheboss”, recently published a video of his hands-on impressions of 15 gadgets that might be ahead of their time.

We picked our favourite three from his assortment and took a closer look at them.

Here are the futuristic tech gadgets we found the most exciting or useful that you can also buy right now.

Xebec Tri Screen 2 — The ultimate remote working station

With the rise in remote working and learning, many people have discovered the great benefits of extra screen real estate afforded by a multi-monitor setup.

The downside is that you typically need lots of space and plugs to support such a configuration.

Carrying all your monitors along is also impractical, which means you’re mostly tied down to your desk if you want more than one display.

The Xebec Tri Screen 2 solves these issues by giving you a multi-monitor setup that’s ultra-portable.

The device attaches onto the back of the screen of a regular Windows laptop, MacBook, or Chromebook.

The user can then pull out two screens, one on either side of the laptop’s main display and connect them to the laptop using two USB-C cables. Adapters for USB-A ports are also included to ensure the devices can be used with as many laptops as possible.

The two screens on the side will then act as secondary monitors.

With a price tag of $499 (R7,807, excl. sales taxes) in the US, it costs about the same as two standard 27-inch LCD monitors.

LaserPecker Mini — Not yet a lightsaber, but it can cut stuff

How do you take your graffiti to the next level? Perhaps try using lasers.

The LaserPecker Mini is a compact and portable laser engraver that can accurately engrave images, text, drawings, or painting directly onto wood, leather, cloth, paper, and various other materials.

The user uploads content they wish to engrave to a smartphone app that connects to the LaserPecker via Bluetooth.

Because it comes with a rather dangerous laser capable of burning human flesh, it boasts several essential safety features, including overheat shutdown, motion detection, and a safety shield.

To protect your eyes, the manufacturer also includes goggles.

This one will cost you $371.46 if you order it from Amazon and ship it to South Africa. 

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit — Your living room becomes the racing track

Virtual reality games are great fun, offering excellent immersion by dropping you into the gaming world.

But Nintendo has decided to turn the tables with augmented reality in Mario Kart: Live Circuit, bringing the popular racing game into the physical world.

The set comes with a small remote-controlled toy car (kart) fitted with a camera that acts as the point-of-view in-game and four gates that you place throughout your house to lay out the course. You can then also use real-world items as obstacles.

Using your Nintendo Switch, you can control the kart to race around the course. The kart will react to in-game actions like boosting, hitting items, or drifting on the track.

The setup can be expanded with four more players, provided they have their own sets.

The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit normally costs $99 in the US.

If you want to import it to South Africa, you can buy the Japanese version from Amazon, available for $127.74 (R1,999) at the time of publication, with shipping and import fees included. 

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