Hoium: I’m maybe not the best example here. I’m not investing in retirement accounts specifically. I really value the liquidity of having a taxable account and that served me well throughout my life.

Like I said, I’ve used the money that I’ve invested to do things like pay for college, pay for our wedding, now we’ve spent a lot of money on kids over the last couple of years. So I really value that flexibility. We also don’t have as contractors, we don’t have typical 401k matches and things like that.

Everybody is a little bit different. My wife is in a different boat so we have 401k through her company. Depending on what your financial advantages are, especially with the match piece of things, everybody would be a little bit different. But I’m maybe not the best example just [laughs] giving that I’m in taxable.

I guess I’m not afraid of paying my taxes if I have some big winners. But that’s the reason, is that I value that liquidity for right now. For better or worse, that’s where we’re at.

Allen: I know we’re running a little bit behind on time, but just one more thing on that. A great approach to that is just putting money in your 401k up to your match and then whatever rest you have put it in your Roth IRA. That’s a great budget to have.

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