anybody is aware of concerning the strategy of drying crabs for powderflour? : AskCulinary

(not native speaker)
ok so for the first time of my life i bught crabs (i’m jewish we don’t eat crabs)
i try’d with work tool to separate the shells from the meat and on the way i guess i cracked some parts
i guess it’s 80% shell and 20% meat now and i know i suppose to blend it but with the meat it’s will look nothing like the powder i’m trying to get and i did try it’s just become wet disgusting wired creamy … never mind. so i decided to let it dry on the sun so what should i do ? should i salt it ?
(i put ant killer all around my set up) and wanted to ask if someone know how long the crabs will stink ? and any tips ? (i think 5 days give and take right?) thanks for your patient

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