Anyway to salvage my barely cakey + puffy cookie dough? Did I whip an excessive amount of air? Incorrect temp? Decreased the white sugar? : AskCulinary

My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – Crispy & Chewy!

I used this recipe but halved the white sugar as I don’t like too sweet of cookies.. could this be a culprit? Otherwise I also used a kitchen aid mixer on level 2 to beat the butter, egg and sugars for 5-7 minutes as I wanted the butter to soften completely and have less sugar granules (I usually do this with my cake batter and I realize this is no good for cookies!) so unfortunately I may have whipped too much air? I also baked it for 360 for 15 min instead of 350 on baking mode as my oven temp runs low. I also ensured I preheated the oven for 20 min.

My cookies still taste edible but the texture is off, i was hoping for more spread out & crisp cookies. It turned out a little puffy & more cakey than I’d like. I only baked 4 so far. Anyway the rest of the dough is in the fridge.. do you think flattening the cookie out instead of a ball shape will help before baking? Or maybe lower the temp and bake it longer?

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