Arroyo Chook Park – San Juan Capistrano, California

Not much is known about this eclectic place, but just off the beaten path along the San Juan Creek, at the intersection of Calle Arroyo and Via Sonora, sits a tiny little folk/outsider art installation. It’s comprised of fake evergreen trees, dozens of handmade birdhouses, gnomes, little Buddha statues, blown glass sculptures, and a myriad of other trinkets people have left behind.

At the park is a little free library encouraging people to take a book, return a book, and pay it forward. Also at the park is a little art supply station for visitors to add to the collection. Some of the personalized birdhouses are memorials, complete with mini obituaries to people who have passed away.

The entire area is a vast expanse of nature and a great place to bird watch. There are also many equestrian centers along various bike paths that run throughout the area. Visitors can ride all the way down to Doheny Beach. 

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