Clydeside Expressway Mural Wall – Glasgow, Scotland

The Clydeside Expressway Mural Wall, painted by 27 artists from around the world, was commissioned by the Clydeside Initiative for Arts, part of nearby SWG3, one of the premier arts venues in Glasgow and Scotland as a whole. It hosts gigs by world famous bands, DJs, and artistic projects.

Over three weeks in 2019, the artists transformed a long stretch of derelict railway arches along the Clydeside Expressway: more than 700 hours painting and spraying in total. The path along the expressway connects the city center of Glasgow to its thriving West End. The murals depict a vast array of subjects, ranging from bizarre and abstract to tributes to Glasgow’s industrial and artistic past.

The murals were visited by Nicola Sturgeon, first minister for Scotland, demonstrating the importance of projects like this in the renewal of the city.

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