Cologne Central Mosque – Cologne, Germany

Designed in an Ottoman architectural style, this mosque has a concrete and glass dome with two minarets. The mosque houses a commercial area and an entrance on the ground floor. On the upper floors of the building, there is a space for prayer and a Muslim library. Gottfried Böhm and his son Paul Böhm, who specialized in building churches, were responsible for the mosque’s construction and design.

The massive structure was first commissioned by German Muslims who belonged to the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs. A bit of controversy surrounded the development of the mosque as protesters opposed its development, and the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, was not invited to the opening. 

The mosque also has glass walls which, according to the spokesperson Alboga of the Ditib, allows visitors to feel an impression of openness. According to the architect, the feeling of openness is reinforced by a welcoming entrance with a staircase from the street. The secular areas of the mosque (restaurant, event spaces, and shops) are open to persons of any faith. 

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