There are thousands of beautiful wallpapers available across dozens of snazzy apps on Android, but sometimes, Google’s own backgrounds are just what your phone needs. While it’s simple to install the Google Wallpapers app on most Android devices, you still can’t get all the backdrops it has on offer for Pixel phones — there are quite a few exclusive. We can provide you with an easy way to download each of Google Wallpaper’s collections in a neat, zipped up package, making it easy to sift through the selection, all without installing an extra app.

Here’s what the Google Wallpaper app has to offer, save for its (also excellent) live wallpapers, all downloadable from our trusted file host Mediafire:



Bloom is one of the new wallpaper collections introduced with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The name says it all — with this collection, you’re in for a selection of stylized blooming flowers. They make for some particularly nice Material You colors for you to enjoy on your Android 12 device.

Download Bloom


Motif is another new collection straight from the Pixel 6 series, but its images are much more stylized than the flowers we can see in Bloom. The collection will give you both drawn forms and shapes, some of them plainly abstract, but others picturing flowers, fruits, and more.

Download Motif

Community Lens, as the name implies, is supposed to show off a few beautiful images taken by various photographers out in the wild and in the cities. Among them is also the iconic default Nexus 5 background that the phone shipped with. If you’re looking for some stunning landscapes and cityscapes all while adding a bit of nostalgia, this is your image pack.

Download Community Lens

Curated Culture

Google uses its Curated Culture collection to show off artwork from various holidays and, well, cultures around the world, with the newest designs (see the top left above) to arrive coming courtesy of indigenous artists Rico and Crystal Worl, who together make up the Trickster Company. Two of them depict a raven, which is popular in Tlingit stoytelling, while the other features a wolf, another important symbol to natives of the Pacific Northwest. There is a vast variety in this pack, both in the drawing style and in the depictions, so be sure to download it to explore everything there is to see.

Download Curated Culture

For Fun

These Pixel 5 and 6 wallpapers utilize the 5’s left-aligned and the 6’s centered selfie camera and add a black dot in their places, making it look like the camera is part of the background. While these will work for any other phone, too, they’re tailor-made for the Pixel 5 and the 6, so they won’t look as seamless and perfect on other devices. If you still like the wallpapers for their looks, though, you’re in for some fun — particularly if you’ve been missing any of these neat Pixel 5 wallpapers on your new Pixel 6.

Download For Fun

Google Arts & Culture

If you fancy some classic paintings and artwork, Google Arts & Culture’s wallpaper collection might be for you. The wallpapers here are all part of Google’s artwork scanning project, digitalizing famous paintings to keep them in pristine quality forever.

Download Google Arts & Culture


Landscapes is one of the oldest collection in the Wallpapers app, but it has been updated with a slew of Material You-optimized backdrops for Android 12. The name says it all — all of these wallpapers show off some beautiful landscapes, to be found all over the world, from winter wonderlands over lakes and the sea all the way to deserts.

We’ve split up this collection into two parts as to keep the download size more manageable, in case your internet connection isn’t that great.

Download Landscapes (1) Download Landscapes (2)


Textures are all about things you can already feel in your hands before you even touch them, plus some architecture. You can see leaves up close, some roof shingles, woven fabric, rocks, and much more.

Download Textures


Life focuses on artistic photographs taken to capture everything the word “Life” encapsulates. Close-ups of flowers, the moving waves of the sea, unfocused lights of the city, staircases, forests, animals, bicycles … you name it.

Download Life


Earth is a continuation of the Landscapes collection at first glance, but it’s so much more. Here, you can find some beautiful top-down satellite imagery, giving you a different view of our planet altogether. There are even some wallpapers offering us a peek of other planets. This one is separated into two parts, too, as to not overload your internet connection.

Download Earth (1) Download Earth (2)


Art is not to be confused with Google Arts & Culture. Instead, it’s best described as a collection of computer-generated artworks. Here, Google has also added a few new wallpapers recently to help show off Material You.

Download Art


Cityscapes is the pendant to Landscapes, showing off intriguing skylines, architecture, and more. While I love the look, I’m a bit bummed that virtually all the streets we see here are empty, with no people anywhere. That’s not really what cities look like in real life, and I’d argue inhabitants are a big part of what gives a city its character. But I digress — these are beautiful wallpapers nonetheless, and you can download them right here.

Download Cityscapes

Solid Colors

Solid Colors probably don’t need much of an introduction, and they’re likely the most boring addition to the Google Wallpapers collection. But if you fancy a pack of solid colors that will make your app icons stand out more, sure, here you go.

Download Solid Colors

While the Pixel 6 series is the latest and greatest from Google, there are a few older generation phones with exclusive wallpapers of their own, not available on the new phones. As we get our hands on them, we’ll add their specialty backgrounds to this roundup, so bear with us while we’re getting all of the best wallpapers from Google together for you.

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