A couple presumably playing Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion, Endwalker, separately recently showcased their tactics for preventing spoilers.

A couple separately playing Final Fantasy XIV’s newly released expansion, Endwalker, recently revealed their hilarious strategy to prevent spoiling the new installment for one another. Endwalker’s release landed earlier this month, and wraps-up the game’s near-decade-long narrative arc revolving around magical beings Hydaelyn and Zodiark. Although this is not the end of Square Enix’s popular MMORPG, this conclusory expansion marks a nostalgic end for many who have stuck by the game since its official launch (an albeit rocky one) in 2013.

Although the new expansion officially released on December 7, some players were left waiting to access Endwalker due to server congestion leading long log-in wait times and unintentional dequeueing. Game producer and director Naoki Yoshida publicly apologized to players and explained the issues were caused by nearly every server (in every region) reaching log-in and FFXIV hardware limits. As a result, Yoshida gave players an apology gift – a week of complimentary game time, also applicable to those taking part in the free 30-day trial. With these issues largely resolved, players are finally free to enter the world of Endwalker.


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An apparently FFXIV-loving couple is in the midst of doing just that, as evidenced by Reddit user starlightsun’s recent post. The post features a photo of their husband playing FFXIV: Endwalker. However, their husband is actually doing much more than just playing the MMORPG; rather, he is hiding the screen by covering his entire set-up – including his own body – with a blanket in order to prevent the unveiling of any Endwalker spoilers. According to starlightsun, their husband is a longtime FFXIV player and they have quite a while before they’re at similar positions in the game, having commented, “He has been playing for a lot longer than I have. I am still in Stormblood so it’ll be a little while before I catch up.” Even so, their husband’s considerate set-up is a full-proof way to prevent spoilers, even if the original poster is at a different part of the game’s story and progress.

Although server issues plagued the release of Endwalker, FFXIV’s devoted fanbase likely didn’t bat an eye. The game is known for having one of the most disastrous launches of any MMORPG when it released in 2013, but has since redeemed itself with its intricate and immersive story, characters and world. FFXIV’s Metacritic score once roamed below 50% and now sits above 90% – a comeback rarely seen (if at all) in the gaming industry.

Given the current state of FFXIV as a critically acclaimed MMORPG – its launch history overcome by excellent development over time – it is understandable why starlightsun wouldn’t want to see or hear anything that could potentially spoil Endwalker. With such an expansive story coming to an end, there is too much to look forward to; and, therefore, too much at stake to spoil.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC.

Source: starlightsun/Reddit

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