Retirees have plenty of costs to worry about at this time of year, as expenses mount in the run up to Christmas. But they may be able to put some money back into their pockets by claiming a free, or discounted TV licence.

People in residential care

Those who live in a care home could see their TV licence fee drastically reduced.

A special licence is available for just £7.50 for people who live in an eligible residential care home.

This heavy discount would save recipients of it £151.50 per year.

People can get a generous 50 percent discount if they are registered blind or live with someone who is.

The important thing to remember here is that the licence must be in the blind person’s name in order to get the discount.

However, if it’s not, it would be possible for someone to make a new application and transfer it into the blind person’s name.

People wanting to apply for a TV licence for someone who is registered blind can do so on the TV licensing website.

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