If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok lately, you’d probably be familiar with a current trend on the app that makes people guess what celebrity is being represented by artwork made by artificial intelligence. While you might think it’s difficult to create AI-based artwork, it’s actually incredibly easy—it’s through an app called Wombo Dream (iOS, Android).

I first learnt about the app through the TikTok above, by user @ijadgrande. They explained that you can use Wombo Dream to create beautiful artwork based on almost anything you type—including Taylor Swift lyrics.

However, there have been more TikTok videos lately where they ask viewers to guess what celebrity is being represented through artwork made by the same app. They made it by typing the celebrity’s name on Wombo Dream… and we can usually recognise them—no matter how strange the art looks.

So, how do we make our own Wombo Dream art? Well, besides first downloading the app, it’s actually pretty straightforward. The app introduces you to a simple front page where they ask you to enter a prompt. You can write up to 100 words, so you can be as descriptive as possible if you want.

You’re able to choose from several different art styles. They include black and white etches, mystical, baroque, steampunk, and many others. You can also choose “no style”, which still gives you pretty AI-based artwork.

You can also use Wombo Dream through your desktop, as it basically works the same way. On desktop, there is also a “mint as NFT” feature that’s “coming soon”.

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