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I want to make a cake which would be layers of almond joconde (or dacquoise, i still haven’t decided) and chocolate cremeux topped with piped orange curd.

My curd recipe has orange juice (~100ml), orange peel, yolks (4), egg (2), sugar (90g) which are thickened and then emulsified with cold butter (90g). Of course this recipe is good for tarts but I am pretty sure that it won’t hold shape properly.

Is there any way I can achieve a piping consistency and structure without sacrificing taste? (And hopefully avoiding adding more butter since the recipe is already quite rich). Can it be whipped? Maybe I can reduce the juice and add more zest?

I also have corn flour, xanthan gum, leicithin powder, gelatin and ice cream stabiliser (it’s a mix of gums but ingredients are not listed) in my pantry. I would prefer to avoid gelatin if possible because it’s not the texture I am looking for but i’d use it if it’s the only option. I’m not sure if the other ingredients will be able to become fully hydrated (Specially the ice cream estabiliser)


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