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Hi everyone!

First time posting here so dunno if this kind of post is allowed but here goes.

I am going through a career change and decided I want to be a chef. I have no kitchen experience but thankfully at a time like this I was able to do trials days for few restaurants and two of them reached out to me. One of them is Italian and the other is French based. With that in mind, in a couple of months I’m also attending a course to get a professional chef certificate and this course is also French based cooking.

Now the problem is how do I choose which kitchen to work in?

Each restaurant has its pros and cons and I really can’t decide… For example:

Italian restaurant:

  • I can learn two types of cuisine while I attend the course (P)

  • It’s further away from home (C)

  • Everyone ( staff and the owners) seem to get along very well and felt like they were a big family (P)

  • Small, open kitchen with good temperature control (P)

French restaurant:

  • The executive chef and some of the other chefs have/are taking the course as I am going to. So I could learn from them and get tips (P)

  • It’s closer to home (P)

  • I heard from the chefs who work there that the owner is a huge A-hole and even one of them is quitting because of him. Plus the waiters and the kitchen staff seems like they don’t get along. (C) However, they praised the executive chef. (P?)

  • The kitchen is in the basement, meaning they send up the food via lift. Something about in order for the lift to work properly they need to keep this one door open even in winter. Meaning very cold kitchen in the winter. They don’t have heaters nor use a gas stove. (C)

My gut is telling me to go with the Italian restaurant but I’m worried that I am making a mistake when there’s all these people who took/ are taking the same course as me.

Would be grateful for any advice or tips! Thank you for reading and to those for the advice!

TLDR- So how did you decide what kitchen to work for?

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