How to Select Jeans for Women on-Line

Selecting your online is easy if you know your fit well. If you’re slim normally that’s an easy fix, I meant fit. Knowing your body contour from being straight slim, totally hour-glass type to a err… baobab tree in rare cases makes sense as are versatile and meant to fit and look good on you no matter what your shape and size is. First thing you need to do to select is to categorize your body type into slim type, athletic type, hour-glass curve type, full figured type and perhaps a round barrel type. Take note of your height too as often length comes into play or unintentionally a ¾ type will surprise you. These are the recommended measurements.

Measure around your slimmest part of your waist using a soft tailor tape or a thread.

Measure around the broadest circumference of your hip (Normally the hip bone).

This should do it unless you’re going for a jeans vest or jeans jacket consider measuring around your chest over your breast too.

As jeans generally do not shrink (generally, depending on material), do consider half an inch extra. Don’t rely on size range whether US, UK or Asian as these would generally meant wearing on your hips rather than waist or shoulders rather than breast. Trust your tape.

How to measure waist: Place the measuring tape an inch over your belly button. While measuring, stand up straight and do not hold your stomach in. Add another inch to the measurement to find your waist size. Most stores carry waist sizes that range from 30 to 42 inches.

How to measure hip: Place the measuring tape directly across the hip bone area. Usually a man’s hip area is almost the same measurement as his waist. But sometimes the waist area is bigger than the hips. If the waist is much bigger than the hip, the fit may be baggy around the crotch area and legs. Buy pants that fit the largest part of you and get them professionally altered to fit your body.

How to measure pants length: To measure the length of the pants, start at the base of the waist and make a straight line down to the bottom.

A number of styles are available in Women Jeans. However, most of us won’t be able to carry all the styles with similar poise. Therefore, it is important that you understand which of the styles suits you most. The slim cut, oversized and straight styles are three of the eventless styles in jeans which can be worn by almost every women. You can try the low rise and high rise options in these jeans depending on how they look on us. Whether we are opting for a simple look or a more sophisticated one with fashionable tops, heels and other accessories, these alternatives will impress us.

Source by Francis St Maria

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