I attempted making pizza with Italian 00″ flour for the primary time and it got here out horrible! What did I do flawed? : AskCulinary

I always made pizza with fresh (and dead) yeast and regular white flour. I never managed to get that elastic goodiness on my dough, so I was excited to make pizza with real Italian 00″ flour.

Yesterday I followed this recipe. I didn’t let the dough rest overnight – maybe 6 hours (kind of passed the windowpane test). Anyways I just couldn’t stretch the dough to the fine, thin crust pizza dough I love. Whenever I tried to flatten it with my fingertips (video added), the dough just sprung back to its shape. It was like working with rubber.

At the end I gave up and used a rolling pin (sorry) and even after applying alot of force, the dough was still too thick. It also tasted kind of yeast like. The dough was also so elastic that no semolina stuck to it in the oven, so it didnt come out crispy.

I thought using Italina 00 would make everything better. What did I do wrong?

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