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I am trying to dig the authentic original recipe and as you can tell it’s quite hard to come across it with such popular dish.

I know recipe posts are not allowed but I think this one gives room for discussion.

There seems to be a lot of variability between recipes and I was wondering if someone here did proper research about tiramisu would be able to answer some questions.

  1. We all know mascarpone is the main ingredient. But, does the original tiramisu also take cream? My intuition will say no as I always thought it was just mascarpone

  2. Following with the mix itself. I understand the base is a pate a bombe but there also exists variability on whether to use the whites i the preparation as well. So… does the original tiramisu includes pate a bombe + mascarpone (and or cream depending on question 1) or italian meringue as well?

  3. Alcohol: Another contentious point, probably has to do more with taste but keeping in mind we are looking for the classic tiramisu, what’s the original one? Marsala? Amaretto? Tia Maria? Rum?


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