In the eyes of older some older people, there might not be much difference between millennials and Gen-Z.

But scrolling through TikTok shows there’s a culture war brewing between both generations and this time a noughties music gadget is at the centre of the kerfuffle.

Before streaming, the iPod Shuffle was the item of choice for those who wanted to listen to their top artists on the go.

The tiny iPod Shuffle was released by Apple in January 2005 and marked a big transition from physical CDs and cassettes to digital music, but one TikToker found an old one and thought it was a hair accessory.

“What do you guys think?” says @freckenbats modelling her newest hair clip, which isn’t really a hair clip.

She also unintentionally added even more salt to the wound, by including the hashtags #vintage #antique as if she scooped a unique heirloom on Antiques Roadshow.

TikToker Rod found the video after many Gen-Z folks, people born between 1996-2012, were fully convinced it was a vintage hair clip.

A TikToker found an iPod Shuffle (Credit: @frenkenbats/TikTok)

“This is the last straw I can’t take it anymore,” he said.

Millennials, people born between 1981-1995, felt very attacked and took to the comments to figure out when and how their top music gadget was now comparable to something found in Accessorize. 

“Every day, I am attacked by the 2000+s babies,” one commenter said.

Another person shared a memory from their childhood, writing: “I remember not being able to afford one of these back in the day and she has the audacity to wear it as a hair clip?”

Millennials, including Rod, were shook (Credit: @frenkenbats/@rod/TikTok)
Millennials, including Rod, were shook (Credit: @frenkenbats/@rod/TikTok)

A third quipped: “BRB gotta lay down to process this for the next 3-5 business days.”

While a fourth TikTok user added: “That’s not even a nano that’s a shuffle”

One person joked: “Wait till they hear about CDs”

And another millennial said: “She’s joking… right?… RIGHT????????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?”

We’re gonna cry and listen to Jojo’s Too Little Too Late on our iPods to recover after this.

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