Natural Hair Styling

Natural hair styling refers to caring and styling hair without using mad-made chemicals. The oils in our hair are beneficial, but most common hair products carry out the laborious process of stripping the hair of natural oils and then re-hydrating the hair. Natural hair styling seeks to eliminate these needless steps.

It can be hard for someone following this hair care method to get good care and style advice because most hair stylists do not know what to do without their perms and chemicals. The stylist already has a hard job because you give them the task of fixing your hair, when you are really the expert. The stylist is not with your hair 24/7. Everyone's hair is different, and they see 15 different heads a day. Now you have told them that they cannot use their usual arsenal of products on you. You see how this puts the average salon or Denver nail salon in a bind.

The real expert on your scalp is you. When you go to the stylist, tell them about your hair and what you want done with it. Take the responsibility to research and determine what hair care techniques work on your hair and then let the stylist do the work. Although the internet is a great place to find the best Denver nail salon, the real way to find a natural stylist is to ask around. Ask your friends or even people on the street with great looking hair where they get it done.

Once you find someone new to cut your hair, generally what determines if you will come back, after the quality of the cut is the rapport and trust you have in the stylist. You want to trust that the stylist will do as you ask. A stylist should have your hair and your sense as their first interest. A trusted beauty technician will give advice, accept criticism, and make the whole experience fun.

You will want a full hair routine to care for your hair on the days that you do not go to the stylist. Natural hair does not mean you just don't do anything to your hair except when you cut it. That is certainly an option, but your hair will eventually tangle and become unmanageable. Every regimen should consist of cleaning, conditioning, moisture and then repairs of damage. Straight hair sheds oil while curly hair retains it. If your hair is correctly washed it should have a squeaky clean feeling. Remember that means that there is no oil remaining on your hair so you will have to protect it after washing.

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