Leveraging artificial intelligence in games are attracting the eyes of target audience

AIBrain is a well-known artificial intelligence start-up in Palo Alto for its vision of augmenting human intelligence with AI models. It leverages artificial intelligence strategies to enhance the functionalities of multiple industries, especially sports. AI strategies are spot-on to meet customer satisfaction across the world with their own in-house AI models. Let’s explore what AIBrain is focused on providing the world with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence in Industry 4.0.

AIBrain is focused on the sports industry with Sports AI known as Sports AI Virtual Assistant (SAIVA), especially Football AI. It is a collaboration with its sister company known as Turing AI Cultures GmbH, Berlin. One of the popular AI strategies is to put concentration on robotics with the integration of artificial intelligence. AIBrain Seoul is gaining popularity for developing robotic AI known as Tyche and Gretchen. Tyche v2 is a self-driving toy robot car while Gretchen is an open humanoid AI model.

One of the recent artificial intelligence strategies is launching an artificial intelligence online training programme for non-AI professions across the world. AIBrain offers AI-powered product managers for beginners, an AI neural network boot camp for high-school students, and an online humanoid boot camp to gain a strong knowledge as well as an understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence.

AIBrain is known for providing power to its practical AI model agent with two key elements known as Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoning Engine (AICoRE) and a human-like memory known as memory graph. It helps to automate the reasoning process from end to end efficiently and effectively.

AI model called Smartphone Robot has been launched by AIBrain as a mobile robot platform to create an intelligent society to live in. AIBrain has also developed an intelligent game for kids known as SMILE (Social Mind for Intelligently Learning Emotions). It is gaining momentum owing to its utilization of conversational artificial intelligence to exercise social and emotional learning skills from children to young adults. Another type of game, known as Futurable, is another popular AI strategy of the company. Every character in this game is completely autonomous artificial intelligence as playable AI. The core AI model engine is known as General Intelligent Agent Reasoner (GiAR). It has a mission to install AI characters with GiARLite in the nearby future.

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