Raw, Chafed Thighs? Here Are My Top Secret Anti-Chafing Weapons – BodyGlide and Slimmer Shorts!

Can I tell you a shameful secret? I wasn’t always this fabulous and knowledgeable about getting an hourglass figure. As a result, I have, among other things, bodily imperfections that really grind my gears and make me feel, well, a little shy about showing off my body when warmer weather approaches. One of my biggest issues – well, until recently – was finding anti-chafing products (like BodyGlide) to fight unsightly thigh burn and the damage left in its wake!

Anti Chafing: My Battle with Ugly Thigh Burn

See, I’m a naturally curvy girl. No matter how big or small I am, my upper inner thighs have always seemed to rub, creating ugly, unsightly and painful rubs, welts and blackened areas in their wake. When I spread my legs it would look like a burned toast bat cave. Even worse, the actual pain from being raw after a day of walking around forced me to retire skirts and dresses from my wardrobe.

Mother would tell me to use a lot of Vaseline between my legs and lotion frequently to lubricate those juicy thighs of mine, but seriously, how often can you make trips to the restroom to re-up on the leg lube before you just gave up and suffered through the burn?

How I Stopped Thigh Chafing in Its Tracks

Thankfully, I’ve learned the anti chafing secrets to wearing dresses I love without suffering through nasty raw thighs for the next few days. You can’t just put on a dress like you did when you were seven years old, step into sandals and run out the door. No, not a chance. You now need to have a slimmer short hidden under your dress to eliminate the friction from burning up and destroying your thighs. In addition to removing bulges and panty lines, this body shaping panty will also make walking around more comfortable, and also keep you safe from any embarrassing moments if the wind blows your skirt up too high.

BodyGlide products are used by professional athletes and marathon runners to help prevent painful chafing, including raw, bloody inner thighs. BodyGlide makes an advanced formula created for women with thigh chafing issues to protect and heal your skin. This unique non-greasy, no-mess, petroleum-free formula is designed for pure comfort. The natural ingredients in this product are enriched with aloe and vitamin E to provide your skin with nature’s soothing healing powers. The smaller, compact size with a pink cap is perfect for the purse or pocket, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

I now use a body slimming short in addition to BodyGlide as anti-chafing measures to protect my legs and thighs from nasty friction welts, as well as rawness and discomfort whenever I wear a skirt or dress that flatters my shape beautifully. Additionally, I feel a touch more sophisticated and protected… without those suspiciously frequent trips to the bathroom every 45 minutes.

Source by Bianca Gosta

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