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I’m currently researching the idea of starting a Korean fried chicken Bao stall at a few of the local markets near me in the Sunshine Coast of QLD, Australia. I want to ask a few questions of you, especially experienced stall holders to assess feasibility first..

  1. How tricky is it working with fryers/oil at markets? It seems like it could be a bit of a headache when it comes to cooling the oil and transporting it out of there after packing up at the end of the day. How do I go about this safely? Also, what is the maximum size fryer you would want to work with in this situation?

  2. Do you have to prep food from a commercial kitchen or is doing it from home ok? I appreciate this is a state by state, country by country rule, so maybe somebody from QLD has knowledge of this?

  3. Working with chicken in an open space in heat like QLD could be quite tricky.. I normally cook the chicken twice, but this is probably a bit hard when space is limited, along with health issues of having chicken sitting around. Would I be best of breading directly from the refrigerator and just cooking once? The portion sizes are small at 70-80g.

  4. Realistically, is there much money to be made selling food at say 3 markets each week? Assuming you price your food correctly and sell enough portions of said product? Obviously I know the profits are small and I wont get rich, I just mean an actual living..

  5. Any other handy tips of advice to know about doing hot/fried food at the markets..? Dos/don’ts? Key aspects I need to consider before diving in to this..?


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