Brian Weaver: Revolutionizing Machine Learning and Data Processing by Unifying AI

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December 22, 2021 is a platform that changes the paradigm of data and digital workflows by solving the core impediments caused by the ever-increasing volume and complexity of information. The solutions of have helped fight frauds make better decisions of trust, secure information, evolve operational capabilities, and create better customer experiences.

The company specializes in artificial intelligence, risk avoidance, machine learning, risk mitigation, transaction processing systems, IT consulting, fraud prevention, enterprise data hub, OSINT, human capital intelligence, blockchain, autonomous systems, and geometric analytics.


A Dynamic Leader

Brian Weaver is the Founder and CEO of He spent his entire career in data and analytic intensive environments. Brian founded a company more than 20 years ago, where he developed something that was considered revolutionary at that time. It was well-known to be the consumer behavioural model for sporting events, primarily NASCAR races.

Later, Brian acquired one of the most important skills i.e., data and information businesses in healthcare, with an emphasis on FDA-regulated medical devices. That’s where the idea for a new way to process and prepare data with AI and machines was born in him. today, with the same spirit, Torch.AI has emerged as one of the most important companies in both machine learning and data processing spaces by breaking down very complex data to the one that’s extremely easy to use and implement. Brian says that he was able to build with the help of an amazing team that is making transformational technology.


Breaking the Odds by Lightening the Burden on Data Engineering

In the early days of deploying solutions to clients like GE and Microsoft, Brian quickly realized that they suffered from the garbage in, and out. He reveals that not only did the customers struggle to extract value from their data, but it also would be a terrible grind for his team. Brian asserts that the moment of clarity in the midst of all that pain and the terrible grind was what put Torch.AI on the right path.

Soon he realized that no one was paying attention to the hardest parts of data engineering. Brian generally saw the same result because everyone was doing the same thing. This is when he came up with a completely new way to process any information, from any source, of any type, while it was in motion.  So, he pivoted the entire business to be focused on that critical challenge of making history.


Willingness to Take Risk is the Path to Innovation

Fortunately, Brian had a successful career and has founded, acquired, and sold several companies.  But he admits that there were eye-watering moments in his journey too. “When you set out to solve a big problem, something that is global, super complex, and perilous, you probably aren’t making very well calculated decisions.  Just to be honest and blunt, if I knew how hard this was going to be upfront, I might not have done it,” mentions Brian.

Brian believes that building something that has the potential to revolutionize an industry takes really smart people and a lot of money. He pursues innovation and cost-effectiveness as the two odds.  So in order to truly innovate, he says one must be willing to take risks.

“It’s almost absurd to think that we built one of the most advanced machine learning companies in the world in Kansas.  But it is our secret weapon.  There is amazing talent in this city and across the region” says Brian.

Brian takes pride as there is no venture capital to speak of here. He affirms that even the coastal capital has only recently discovered opportunities in regions like his company’s.  Because of the lack of capital, he invested his own money and had to build a profitable company much more quickly than is typical. Customers had to like what delivered and hence would willing to pay. So out the other end of that journey, he brings a fast-growing company into light with amazing people, which is both profitable and delivers user-friendly products.


Focusing on Bridging the AI Gap

Brian remarks that there exists a huge gap in the industry’s AI field, the ability to explain simply what the technology does for a client is lacking. He sees the gap in solutions that can attribute, trace, and audit decisions which are called “auditable AI”.

“Leaders should be very focused on the bias, traceability, and auditability at the data object level. Even if customers don’t realize it now, they will soon and those that haven’t already embraced this philosophy will see their customer base erode quickly,” adds Brian.

When talking about the cloud, he stresses that it is not just a technology, but is a business model. Brian states that the best leaders are looking far down the path of evolving that paradigm.


Taking Disruptive Efforts to Understand the Target Audience

Brian suggests introspecting customers’ real benefit to particular innovations to understand the target audience better. One of his programs processes millions of documents every year across a huge IT infrastructure.


A Future with ‘AI for Everyone’

Brian mentions that he looks forward to a future where AI is more broadly adopted.  The CEO believes in the slogan ‘AI for Everyone.’ As removes the impediments of deploying machine learning at scale, he sees the industry continuing to expand at a breakneck pace.

Brian presumes that with the increasingly complex nature of networks, both physical and virtual, there is an ever-increasing deluge of information created.  He anticipates that the storage capacity and computed performance will continue to get cheaper in the near future.  It will further trigger certain patterns of decisions at any enterprise.


A Piece of Advice: Look Beyond Your Focus

“Read a lot, but not just about machine learning. Be a renaissance man or woman. Seek to understand larger shifts in work, economics, and globalization. At the end of the day, it isn’t the weapon that matters as much as the skill of the person who wields it.” says Brian, as an inspiring note to the emerging leaders.

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