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The title kind of says it all. I have been getting undercooked fish at every temperature with seemingly inconsistent results at each temperature setting. I started at medium-high and ended up with great colour, but it was slightly underdone. From there, I went to medium to find that by the time I achieved the same colour It was even more underdone? It got worse at medium-low until I just said “fuck it, let’s see what high does just in case it’s somehow reversed.” Turns out nope, high is still the hottest setting indeed. I started to test on low but after it taking a long ass time to get any colour I said fuck it and cooked it on medium the rest of the way. Finally, with medium-high having had the best result out of them all I decided to cook the last one on that temp. Turns out this time it decided to burn more than the rest and ended up being the most overcooked on the outside and raw on the inside of the bunch. I’d greatly appreciate some help as to why this happened and how I should be cooking my fish in the future. I can post pictures of the fish in the comments if needed.

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