Sani Go – Mkhomazi Wilderness space, South Africa

Originally built as a trade route between Mokhotlong in Lesotho and Himeville in South Africa, this treacherous stretch of road is now mainly used by tourists, and to transport laborers between the two countries. With a gradient as steep as 1:4 in places and poor traction, the pass is only accessible by 4×4, and can take up to 4 hours to cover less than six miles, depending on road conditions.  

The pass is challenging at the best of times, but in winter, after a snowfall, it is even more hazardous. Due to their dangerous nature, each turn has its own colourful name: Big Wind Corner, Hemorrhoid Hill, Suicide Bend. Guides readily share the funny stories of how the corners got their names. 

Beyond the danger of the road itself, the pass is surrounded by the gorgeous Drakensberg, part of the Great Escarpment, and fields upon fields of wildflowers and native fauna. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the closest living relative of the elephant, a small furry mammal called the dassie or rock hyrax. 

The South African government has plans to upgrade the road and tar it over in the near future, which would make it more accessible and decrease the travel time. But locals say that would be a real shame. Most of the excitement and fun comes from going at a snail’s pace up or down, with ample time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, while simultaneously lurching and bouncing around in your seat. 

If you make it from the bottom to the top, you can reward yourself with a Maluti beer in the highest pub in Africa, which is opposite the customs house. 

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