Sopotnički Vodopadi – Sopotnica, Serbia

Sopotnički Vodopadi (Salt Waterfalls) is located a little over 10 miles (seven kilometers) from Prijepolje, in Sopotnica village on the west side of Jadovnik mountain. These magnificent falls were declared a natural monument in 2005. It’s composed of several cascading waterfalls, the biggest one is 82 feet (25 meters) high. There’s a footpath to the top and several water mills near the bottom where the River Sopotnica begins.

According to legends, those living in the nearby village came to the region from Pešter plateau, a very dry area, and decided to stay and form a community. However, one day the water in Sopotnica ran dry.

Disappointed by this cruel turn of faith, they decided to move again, but a mythical voice from Jadovnik mountain asked them what would they rather have, water or happiness? The people asked for water because they knew they didn’t need miracles to have happiness. After that, the water began to flow from all directions. 

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