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I am planing to buy a pressure cooker (3L capacity) I surfed amazon(IN) and got to know there are 3 main materials.Hard anodized Aluminium, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and then an alien material to me called Tri Ply!(i found out its 3 layered)

I am specifically mentioning ‘pressure cooker’ here, as I’m unsure if the material would matter similar to choosing a pan.

We have previously been using Al cooker for 6+ years…its sort of lost its old silver sheen(I hope its safe to cook in)

I checked out the FAQ but I couldn’t understand if worn out hard anodized Aluminium is better than Aluminium. Also some Stainless Steel pressure cookers are pricier than Tri ply cookers. Is there an unknown factor there or pure marketing?

My primary query to you is that which cooker would fit my requirements? Them being:

  1. Safe Health-wise(no leeching)

  2. Long lasting

  3. Metal Spatula- friendly

Thanks in advance for your inputs 🙂

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