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The Galaxy S22 Ultra is Samsung’s most anticipated release in some time, with plenty of people excited for the return of a built-in S Pen. Instead of introducing a proper Galaxy Note, the S22 Ultra will incorporate several elements from those phones, and with the stylus and an accompanying slot among them. According to a new rumor, Samsung’s latest S Pen will be considerably more responsive than the Note’s styluses ever were, thanks to a significant reduction in latency times.

In a recent video, YouTube channel XEETECHCARE (via XDA) discussed a few supposed details of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. One of the things mentioned is new improvements to the S Pen’s input delay, reduced to just 2.8 milliseconds. By contrast, the Galaxy Note20’s stylus was rated at 9ms, so latency here is 69% less compared to the company’s most recent Note-branded device.


While this improvement sounds nice on paper, it’s worth asking whether it’ll really make a difference. Nine milliseconds is already about as responsive as a 120Hz screen can display, so you’d probably have a hard time noticing a difference in average use, as going lower from here yields diminishing returns in actual responsiveness. Things like background tasks and processing can increase your latency, though, and in this case, a lower input delay can help offset that.

The video also discusses other rumored specs. The phone’s 108MP camera might be capable of taking 12-bit HDR photos, meaning the device can capture 68 billion colors on HDR mode — putting to shame even 10-bit HDR photos with their measly 1 billion colors. It also further confirms other recent leaks, like 45W charging and reduced RAM in the base model compared to last year’s S21.

At this point, there’s not much else to know about the phone, but we’re sure the leaks will continue rolling until Samsung launches the device next month.

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