The Tricky Business of Medical Document Translation

There are hundreds of different types of medical documents and each one has paramount importance in the medical sector. These days medical research is not just being conducted in the EU, USA but also in various other countries of the world like Japan and Germany. This means that thousands of medical documents which are written in foreign languages ​​need to be translated into English.

Take a look at some of the pitfalls of medical translation that a medical writer must be aware of.

Culturally Diverse Perspective of Same Scenarios: one of the biggest concerns in medical or clinical writing comes when dealing with different cultural perspectives. One person's perspective might be markedly different from another one and it is the job of a medical translator to understand this notion and accordingly. The job of a medical translator is a difficult one because he has to work around issues like religion, ethnicity and race and produce a document whose meaning does not get lost in translation.

Hence a person who wants to be a clinical translator must not simply have a grasp of multiple languages ​​but should also be able to know how to expressively say the same thing without it losing its original concept.

Issues of Copyright: most medical research information is copyrighted to a person or entity that produced it, however there is a way to navigate around it. One way is to generalize the concept by leaving out sensitive data; However for a research study to make sense, each and every piece of information is vital. There are a lot of websites which offer licensed medical content and allow a medical translator to create a copy of it in another language so long as he reference the license holder in its translated document.

Variations in industry Standards: there are two industries that operate worldwide and require translation services; the financial sector and the medical sector. Medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies require translation of documents in various languages. A research lab might want a paper on drug trial written on issues of drug safety and its efficacy to be translated. In this case, medical writers adept in the subjects of pharmacology and medicine will be required to translate the paper, format into PDF files and suggest a time frame according to the difficulty of the medical document.

Time and Organization Management: time management and organization is very important when translating a medical paper. The results of many medical researches depend on documents that need to be ready on strict deadlines, so professional translation services need to adhere to important dates and be careful of the organization's budget. A clinical research translator must have the ability to do high volumes of work in a pressurized environment and create a time table that will permit delivery of the medical document in time.

A translator must always equip himself with the latest translation tools so that he can ensure correctness and precision in the medical document and complete his work quickly and effectively.

Source by Melissa Munroe

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