Want to live more sustainably in 2022? It’s simpler than you’d think with these eco-friendly gadgets. See how they can help you save money and live consciously.

You want to make your habits more sustainable in 2022, but maybe you aren’t 100% sure how to go about it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate sustainable gadgets guide. These devices reduce your impact on the planet in some pretty impressive ways.

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Nope, people aren’t giving up their smartphones any time soon. So a more realistic way to reduce all the tech waste is to choose a long-lasting smartphone. The Fairphone 4 is a great one with its 5-year warranty and modular design.

And you can even make your afternoon coffee ritual more sustainable with the frescopod coffee pod maker. It eliminates the plastic pod waste a single-serve coffee maker generates.

Revamp your lifestyle for sustainability when you add any of these products to your routine.

1. The Respira smart air-purifying garden brightens your home with fresh plants. They also purify your air using a biofiltration process.

Respira in a living room

Purify your home’s air in a more sustainable way with the Respira smart air-purifying garden. It brings fresh plants into your house to help purify the air. What’s more, the pre-filter is reusable.

Get it for $849.99 on the official website.

2. The Nebia by Moen Quattro water-saving showerhead gives you full coverage and uses 50% less water. It’s comfortable and saves money.

The ultimate sustainable gadgets guide—smart gardens, solar-powered generators, and more
Nebia by Moen Quattro in use

Use less water when you shower with the Nebia by Moen Quattro water-saving showerhead. Featuring four spray modes, this item in our ultimate sustainable gadget guide provides up to 60% more force than the typical shower but minimizes water use.

Get it for $119 on the official website.

3. The Nimble PowerKnit cables are made from recycled plastic bottles and aluminum. They deliver speedy Apple-certified 20-watt charging.

The ultimate sustainable gadgets guide—smart gardens, solar-powered generators, and more
Nimble PowerKnit with a smartphone

Charge your iPhone with the environment in mind when you use the Nimble PowerKnit cables. They give new life to used plastic bottles and aluminum, and the cords come in 1-, 2-, and 3-meter lengths.

Get them starting at $19.95 on the official website.

4. The FacePlant Sunglasses have biodegradable lenses you can replace. Plus, the frame’s material uses recycled plastic bottles.

FacePlant Biodegradable Recycled Plastic Sunglasses
FacePlant Sunglasses on a woman outdoors

Tired of throwing your scratched sunglasses in the garbage? The FacePlant Sunglasses solve this issue with their biodegradable lenses. Simply plant the lenses if they get scratched and order replacements. Meanwhile, the frames are pretty much indestructible.

Get them for about $94 on the official website.

5. The Generark Solar Generator provides power to your home through the sun, reducing your costs and keeping you connected.

Generark Solar Generator in a video

Want to make the most of your home’s energy use? Add the Generark Solar Generator. It runs most appliances with 2,200 watts. Meanwhile, it recharges via solar, car outlet, or AC outlet.

Get it for $3,297 on the official website.

6. The Fairphone 4 5G sustainable smartphone is a step toward reducing your tech waste. It’s modular, and any one can repair it.

Fairphone 4 5G sustainable smartphone
Fairphone 4 in use

For a phone you won’t have to replace too soon, check out the Fairphone 4 5G sustainable smartphone. It boasts 5G speeds and has a 5-year warranty. Best of all, it’s repairable so you can swap out the battery and replace the display yourself.

Get it for about $670 on the official website.

7. The Hydraloop water recycling system reduces water and energy costs. It recycles up to 95% of the water from high-use appliances.

Hydraloop in a video

The Hydraloop water recycling system made our ultimate sustainable gadgets guide because it helps businesses save big on water. Essentially, it disinfects and reuses water from washing machines, air conditioning units, and showers, helping you use less water without chemicals or filters.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Learn more about it on the company’s official website.

8. The KALEA automatic kitchen composter looks stylish in your home and transforms food scraps into nutrient-rich compost in 48 hours.

The ultimate sustainable gadgets guide—smart gardens, solar-powered generators, and more
KALEA in a kitchen

Compost faster with the KALEA automatic kitchen composter. It turns food waste into useful compost in just a few steps, and it even connects to an app for convenience.

Preorder it for about $825 on Indiegogo.

9. The House of Marley Champion true wireless earbuds are nature-inspired and good for the planet with their natural materials.

House of Marley Champion True Wireless Earbuds
House of Marley Champion in white

Listen to music with eco-friendly earbuds: the House of Marley Champion true wireless earbuds. They have natural fiber, bamboo, and REGRIND silicone. What’s more, the charging cord features post-consumer recyclable polyester.

Get them for $79.99 on the official website.

10. The frescopod eco-friendly coffee pod maker lets you enjoy your single-serving coffee maker without all the plastic pod waste.

frescopod Eco Friendly Coffee Pod Maker
frescopod next to a coffee maker

Sip your afternoon coffee guilt-free when you have the frescopod eco-friendly coffee pod maker. It works with your favorite brewer and creates biodegradable and compostable filters from freshly ground coffee.

Preorder it for $49 on Indiegogo.

There are so many products out there that can make your daily habits greener. What eco-friendly devices do you own and love? Let us know about them in the comments.

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