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How should I modify this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for freezing the dough to re-heat 1 by 1 later?

The Best Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies You’ll Ever Eat

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite dessert. I make one (and only one) from frozen store-bought dough ~ every 2 weeks. What it looks like .

My second favorite chocolate chip cookie is Whole Foods “brown butter”chocolate chip cookies, so I thought I’d try that recipe.

Many thanks!

PS: If you are lucky enough to live near Dallas, the “store bought” cookie dough I’m referring to is from your local “Festive Kitchen” bakery and catering store on Rosedale and Hillcrest

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It’s usually available from Central Market here in Austin but not last time I was there.

Gosh I would love to sample some of their other cookie flavors (see page 2)

Next time I’m in Dallas I’m definitely stopping by with an iced cooler so the dough stays frozen for the 3 hr trip back to Austin.

I noticed someone just added this Yelp review:

“This review is based on their chocolate chip cookies only (tho I intend to try some of their takeout entrees before too long). They are, simply, as good as the best we’ve ever had. This includes Neiman Marcus’ legendary chocolate chip cookie. Even my wife, who’s none too partial to sweets, loves ’em. And at about $.80 each (unbaked), they’re a steal. Thick, the right amount of chew, and loaded with chocolate.”

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