Top 5 AI-Based Tools to Keep the ‘Human’ in Human Resources

This article features the top five AI-based tools to keep humans in the human resources

In the last few years, a rapid growth in the availability of and interest in artificial intelligence AI-based tools to do HR tasks, but currently these tools risk being on the one hand oversold while at the same time overly feared. These opposing forces in turn make it difficult to implement AI-based HR tools effectively and responsibly. AI-based HR tools come in a wide range of forms, aiming to take on some aspects of Human Resources work such as hiring, training, benefits, or employee engagement. AI in human resources is all-powerful and incomprehensible to the average person. This article features the top 5 AI-based tools to keep humans in human resources.


Robotic Process Automation

The redundancy of many positions can be reduced by the main AI in human resources tool: robotic software is known as robotic process automation (RPA), assuaging representatives from monotonous occupied work to have the option to perform more significant and fascinating assignments. Artificial intelligence can choose top-level competitors from a huge applicant pool, contrasting resumes with work necessities, and afterward tell up-and-comers and timetable meetings—or send dismissal letters. The refinement of AI-based tools in HR empowers complex independent direction while smoothing out processes.


Cloud-Based HR Platform Services

Cloud-based providers like Google or Microsoft offer a suite of services large companies can pick and choose from to customize their AI-based HR tools. For example, if your company wants to invest in employee engagement, one-way cloud-based artificial intelligence can help is through predictive analytics.



Companies who want to use Artificial Intelligence targeted to specific processes but don’t want to overhaul their entire systems might engage a microservice. One example of a microservice is Traitify, which offers intelligent assessment tools for candidates, replacing traditional word-based tests with image-based tests to gauge personality traits well-suited for particular job roles.


AI-First Suite

This type of AI tool in HR is designed as a comprehensive intelligent system, offering predictive data and engagement strategies to engage candidates and employees throughout the employee lifecycle. One example is Ascendify, which offers services from the very start of hiring through tasks like analyzing the best candidate referral sources.


Embedded AI

Many tech services have AI software tools built into their platforms as an integral component. With embedded AI, each step of the job advertising process has a built-in AI component that finds quality candidates quickly and efficiently and makes intelligent decisions along the way.

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