You can apply for these computer vision jobs this December

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos, and other visual inputs — and take actions or make recommendations based on that information. If AI enables computers to think, computer vision enables them to see, observe and understand. Computer vision works much the same as human vision, except humans have a head start. Human sight has the advantage of lifetimes of context to train how to tell objects apart, how far away they are, whether they are moving, and whether there is something wrong in an image.


Computer Vision Data Scientist at Endovision

New Delhi

Endovision is a Hong Kong-based med-tech company, which is helping endoscopists to reduce cancer miss rates with the aid of real-time video analysis using AI. We have generated interest worldwide, and this is the hottest area of research in the field of endoscopy. Our partners are located in Hong Kong, Japan, and India, with the primary focus on Hong Kong at the moment. They are looking to hire a new ‘Research Engineer’ in our team. You’d help create AI-first products — implementing state-of-the-art research papers, contributing to the company IP, and technology stack deployed in Nvidia Jetson ecosystem. You’d work on cutting-edge deep learning, computer vision, and graphics problems with an emphasis on endoscopy, with an opportunity to collaborate with research scientists and engineers at the Endovision and its partnering institutions. Candidates should have: Experience (academic or industry) with computer vision and deep learning in at least two – Neural networks – CNNs, RNNs, autoencoders, etc., and transfer learning – generative deep learning method, esp. for image generation from images and videos – numerical optimization.

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Engineer/Interns – Computer Vision and Machine Learning at DeepSight AI Labs Pvt Ltd

Gurugram, Haryana

Profile Description:

A passionate developer with a drive to work in a hot startup. You will be working in a team in the area of computer vision, machine learning, algorithm design, security, and hardware in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. You will get the opportunity to showcase your talents and capabilities in development, research, and technical operations. The ability to multi-task, solve challenging problems, learn new technology areas quickly, persistence, hard work, and humility are necessary prerequisites to fulfill your role.


Key Expectations

  • You should be passionate and have strong entrepreneurial skills to solve the problems that you come across
  • You have never given up attitude
  • You are a quick learner and respect others’ knowledge
  • You are ready to challenge any technology expert or traditional technology belief to create new innovation.

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Computer Vision Engineer at CIRPI

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The company is creating a home design solution (AI) A platform to explore new Architectural designs for consumers.

It is an upcoming organization in need of staff.

  • It is looking for a computer vision engineer who wants to be a part of the small team and has passion, dedication towards creating the best user experience
  • Expert problem-solving skills, computer programming skills, and strong mathematical skills would be appreciated, familiarity with libraries and frameworks for computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and data science is highly valuable
  • It wants to find a programmer who has demonstrated initiative to learn AI on her/his own.

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Computer Vision and Image Processing at SensoVision Systems


Experience: 2-5 years;

Computer Vision and Image Processing: In this position, you will be involved in the given Roles and Responsibilities Roles and Responsibilities Working on computer vision/image processing applications like object classification, segmentation, etc. Working on deep learning algorithms for machine vision-based inspection use cases. Working on Machine Vision Cameras involving a variety of Lens, Filters, and other Optical Elements to collect data. Having full-stack development experience will be a plus. Educational Qualification Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or related field. Skill(s) required OpenCV, Python, Linux and C programming, Python, PHP, Django, cloud, TensorFlow, machine vision camera experience will be a bonus.


Desired Skills and Experience

Image processing, algorithms, Python, c programming, machine vision, Django, Linux, PHP, OpenCV

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Computer Vision Specialist at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Education Requirements:

  • A Master’s or Ph.D. is preferred (Computer Science / Machine Learning, etc.,) from tier 1 institutions.


Job Requirements

  • Good knowledge of computer vision algorithms and hands-on experience in Opencv, machine learning, and deep learning for vision data
  • Experience in the medical or industry domain on computer vision will be preferable
  • Ability to drive product class algorithm development including data acquisition, processing, and deployment in edge or cloud
  • Partner closely with product and engineering leaders throughout the lifecycle of the project. Ensure that necessary data is captured; analytic needs are well-defined upfront and coordinate the analytic needs
  • Drive efforts to enable product and engineering leaders to share their knowledge and insights through clear and concise communication, education and data visualization
  • Should have independently handled a project technically and provided directions to the other team members
  • Experience in turning ideas into actionable designs
  • Able to persuade stakeholders and champion effective techniques through the development
  • Ongoing technical authority role with our larger customers
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills: the ability to tell a clear, concise actionable story with data, to folks across various levels of the company
  • Able to lead the project independently
  • Technical directions to junior in the team, like to sort the respective task for responsible team members.


Technical Skills

  • Expertise with one of the following DL frameworks;
  • Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, Pytorch
  • Proficient in OpenCV – and image processing stacks
  • Knowledge in Machine learning algorithms – like regression, SVM, clustering etc.,
  • Good to have – programming skills – C/C++
  • Good to have – knowledge in containers – like Dockerization
  • Good to have – knowledge in CI/CD pipelines.
  • Preferable: knowledge working with IP cameras / GIGE cameras / live data acquisition/data acquisition optimization
  • Domain expertise in one the areas: automotive or medical or industry
  • Should have experience in the cloud or edge deployment architectures
  • Tech-savvy and willing to work with open-source Tools
  • Applying statistical and machine learning techniques, such as mean-variance, k-means, nearest-neighbor, support vector, Bayesian time-series, and network analysis to identify outliers, classify events or actors and correlate anomalous sequences of events.

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