These machine learning certificate courses are the best to add to your resume

Machine learning is nothing but a study of computer algorithms that can automatically improve their capabilities through experience. ML is part of artificial intelligence that can help in identifying patterns in data by predicting outcomes and by helping to make decisions on our behalf. Self-driving cars, chatbots, and facial recognition software are some of the use cases to name. According to a recent report, ML engineers in the United States earn US$151,223 on average, becoming one of the highest-earning jobs. And so many are looking forward to the top machine learning certificate courses to enroll in in 2022. To help you with that, here are the best ML certificate courses for you.


Top Machine Learning Certificate Courses

Data Science: Machine Learning and Predictions

It is one of the top machine learning certificate courses to enroll in 2022. It is a course offered by UC Berkeley that deals with machine learning concepts, particularly regression and classification. Upon course completion, you will be able to identify patterns in your data and make precise predictions. It teaches about regression, including correlation and bootstrap methods to quantify uncertainty. You can also create a personalized study schedule to complete the course.


Machine Learning with Python: from Linear Models to Deep Learning

This is offered by MIT. If you are familiar with linear algebra, calculus, and statistics then it is one of the best machine learning certificate courses to enroll in 2022. It deals with an introduction to ML and its concepts such as linear regression, non-linear classification, and kernels. You will learn how to turn datasets into automated predictions of future data by utilizing ML. On finishing the course, you will be assigned machine learning projects, including creating an automatic review analyzer and digit recognition.


Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science

This ML course is provided by Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, and the SuperDataScience team is a few courses that offer ML training for both R and Python. This is one of the top machine learning certificate courses that offer a great syllabus. Data pre-processing and deep dive on regression, logistic regression, and K-nearest neighbors. Each of the video lengths of the courses is 44 hours. Thus, each part will be 22 hours long. After purchasing, you will have lifetime access to the content. As one of the most popular machine learning courses on Udemy, Machine Learning A-Z receives 4.5/5.0 stars from more than 744,000 students.



Datacamp is an online platform that teaches data science and related applications, including machine learning. If you want to learn data science innovatively anytime, anywhere. You can blindly consider Datacamp. One of the best things about Datacamp is its interactive learning. Instead, you can follow the text instructions and complete many exercises online as below. The courses teach machine learning fundamentals with R. It is one of the top machine learning certificate courses that are beginner-friendly that allows students to learn anywhere and at any time. In addition to machine learning, you can take other data science courses, including data analytics, data visualization with Tableau, and many more.


Become a Machine Learning Engineer

This is one of the top machine learning certificate courses that offer nanodegree for students who want to enhance their machine learning knowledge and skills beyond basic techniques. You will learn from leading experts who have years of experience in building and deploying machine learning models at tech giants like Amazon. The program features advanced algorithms and relevant techniques. You will need background knowledge in machine learning models, including supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning models. This machine learning certificate course is the best machine learning course for experienced students who want to master machine learning, learn from leading industry experts.


Machine Learning by Andrew Ng

This is one of the top machine learning certificate courses that is offered by Stanford University and is unarguably one of the best machine learning courses available online. Review of linear algebra concepts, linear regression with single and multiple variables. At the end of the course, you apply the machine learning concepts you have learned throughout the curriculum to build a photo OCR that can recognize elements such as numbers and words in images.


Machine Learning Specialization

For those who completed Andrew Ng’s course and would like to gain more hands-on experience in machine learning, the University of Washington’s short specialisation is a perfect follow-up. The university suggests that you spend 3 hours a week for seven months to complete the entire specialisation. Since the entire specialisation has had no updates since 2016, the course materials used to complete projects are outdated. This is one of the top machine learning certificate courses to enroll in 2022.

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