Twofold Query about “wild taste” in rooster and “uncooked” taste in beef : AskCulinary

I’ve been cooking variations of chicken/beef for a little while now and I notice that I can only bear the taste of air-chilled or organic chicken breast. If I buy regular chicken breast there is a very “wild,” almost gamey and foul (no pun intended) flavor in it, it almost tastes like what a chicken coup smells like, a bit hard to explain. Similarly, when I eat certain cuts of beef, even ribeye or similar high quality cuts, there is a certain “gaminess” or “raw cow” flavor in the steak. However I never taste it when I eat out at a steakhouse or each sautéed beef from a restaurant. Is there maybe something I’m doing wrong in the cooking process for either of these two meats? Or am I just over sensitive to these flavors?

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