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Hello, I’m looking to cook a beef stew for my father. I’m vegetarian and I know little about meat and cuts, but I did my best to figure out the recipe. I can figure out every step except the beef. Specifically it says it requires 1kg of chuck beef. I looked up the cost at my local butchers, since I know meat can be expensive, but now I’m not certain which is the right listing because none of them are labelled as chuck. I checked if chuck beef had a different name but could not find one. These are the meats listed on the website:

  • Beef brisket

  • Blade roast

  • Porterhouse

  • Round steak

  • Rump steak

  • Scotch fillet steak

  • Topside steak

  • Diced beef

Are any of these chuck beef? And if not, which others would be suitable for a slow-cooking stew? My partner recommended brisket but I would love to get a few other opinions. Thank you very much.

EDIT: Title should say ‘chuck’ beef not ‘chunk’ beef! Sorry!

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