How much to tip depends on your finances and what you’re comfortable giving. Bailey suggests tipping up to the amount of a single service. So, if your every-other-month massage is $75, she says, “I’d tip them $25, $50 or up to that $75.” Or, she says, double your typical tip.

However much you give, put that money in a card “with a note of your gratitude,” Post says.

Who gets gifts, and what kind?

Gifts and gift cards are better for providers you don’t pay directly. You wouldn’t give your kid’s teacher cash, for example, but Bailey says a gift card would be fine. For extra credit, go with a gift card for a nearby coffee shop or restaurant, she adds, which makes the gesture more personal and supports a local business.

Consumables can make good gifts, too, according to both Bailey and Post. A plate of cookies, for example, works particularly well as a shareable group or staff gift. If you make those cookies yourself, Post suggests including a list of ingredients or common allergens, like nuts.

Try to avoid gifts that take up a lot of space, Bailey says, as well as personal items, such as clothes or scents.

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