What are the little brown items of meat inside a complete hen on both facet of the backbone referred to as? : AskCulinary

I’m not sure what they’re called, but what are the little tiny finger nail-sized, oval-shaped pieces of brownish brittle meat that are on either side of the spine in a cooked whole chicken from the store (e.g. Maxi, Costco, etc.)? They’re my favourite part, and I always thought that the stores were cooking them with their kidneys or lungs intact or something. I can’t find anything on Google, and I’m trying to explain to my friend that they are the best part of the whole chicken, but she isn’t even sure that she’s ever even actually eaten it before since she thinks I’m referring to chicken oysters or some other part of the chicken. Is this bone marrow? Are the stores cooking their chickens with some giblets still in them? I’ve admittedly never cooked a whole chicken myself, so I’m not sure what the giblets would look like, except that I’m sure they’d be bigger than this.

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