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It’s that time again phone fans: your chance to vote for your favorite phone of the year in Android Authority‘s 2021 Reader’s Choice award. 2021 has seen some epic shifts in the smartphone landscape, from LG Mobile’s sad exit to Sony’s surprise resurgence, foldables are now visible in the streets, and the headphone jack is officially not coming back.

Whether you like traditional form factors or something a little more futuristic, our shortlist contains phones at every price point, from every market, and for every user. This year we’ve doubled the size of our initial list to make sure your favorite phone is listed.

Don’t miss your chance to vote for your favorite phone of 2021!

How does it all work?

Over the next couple of days, we’ll use your votes to cut the massive list below down to something a little more manageable. Every couple of days we’ll post a fresh round of voting with those devices that made the cut. As the week progresses you can vote in each new round to ensure your favorite phone of 2021 makes it all the way through to our final. We’ll announce the winner at the end of the week.

We’ll add links here to the voting as each new round starts (which occurs on the site as well as our social platforms, so go follow us if you haven’t already). So be sure to bookmark this page or revisit the site regularly this week to ensure you don’t miss a new round.

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Cast your vote!

Without further ado, here is our list of contenders for Android Authority‘s 2021 Phone of the Year: Reader’s Choice. Now get voting!

Note: If you’re coming to the site from Twitter the survey may not load. If it doesn’t, visit this page via a browser to see the poll.

What was the best phone of 2021?

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