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I usually use Wolfgang Puck’s Roasted Veal Stock recipe from his MasterClass series. In the video, he appears to be roasting about 8 bones. In the PDF recipe he lists only four bones (no weight or types) and four quarts of water.

His Mirepoix seems about the same between the video and PDF, but he uses a half gallon of water whereas the PDF calls for 4 quarts (1 gallon). So the bones and the water represent discrepancies between the video and PDF (this is annoying for someone of his caliber).

Other recipes simply say to cover the bones and Mirepoix with about 1-2 inches of water. So, I’m confused. Covering the bones with 1-2 inches of water would seem to eliminate the need for a ratio as the amount of bones often vary with each stock.

What’s your advise, please. Thank you.

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