Which Perfume Should You Wear To Your Prom?

A girl's prom can be one of the biggest events of her life, and one that takes a lot of preparation. Every girl works really hard to find the perfect dress and have her hair and make up done perfectly. But the fragrance you choose to wear on your prom night should also be chosen wisely. You want to choose a perfume that not only keeps you smelling great all night, but also gives off the impression you're going for.

When choosing a perfume to wear to your prom, there are definite hits and misses. Something that is too strong and overpowering is not a good choice for a prom perfume. Citrus and fruity scents are best left for the beach or a day you're shopping with your girlfriends. Those types of perfumes can be great on a summer day, but not for your prom. Something like Clinique Happy is a perfect example of a perfume that should NOT be worn to your prom. It's not a bad fragrance but way too fruity to be worn with an elegant dress.

You want to choose something that is clean, sophisticated, feminine and romantic. Something in the Floral or Oriental category would work best. You can also match the perfume you choose based on your dress. If you're wearing something soft and feminine, go for something in the Floral family. If you look is going to be more sultry and glamorous, an Oriental perfume would go well. Or you can even reverse it, since a Floral perfume with a very sexy dress may be a good compliment, making both perfume and dress not too loud, and vice versa.

If you still prefer fruity fragrances, try something like Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein. It is a mixture of fruity and floral, making it more sophisticated and romantic then a fragrance that is all fruity. Another interpretation of this fragrance is Euphoria which is Oriental and a little more provocative.

Perfumes in the Oceanic category may also be good prom choices, but not all of them, since some of them tend to overdone and smell a little on the cheap side. Choose wisely when picking an Oceanic perfume. Try something like Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, or Ocean Lounge by Escada. Both of these are good fragrances, but still probably not a better choice for a prom perfume than a Floral or Oriental perfume. They are not exactly soft and feminine.

You should probably stay away from fragrances in the woody or green families. These are great when taking a hike or going to a family picnic, but not for your prom. A lot of these perfumes also tend to be unisex, and I don't think that's the image you're going for at your prom.

Source by Chaya Langevitz

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