A major topic of conversation in the Indian mobile gaming community is the release of BGMI Lite. The launch will fill the enormous void created after PUBG Mobile Lite was banned in the country in September 2020.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting its launch ever since Krafton announced BGMI, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. However, it is still unclear when a date will be announced, so the wait continues.

Note: BGMI Lite has no fixed release date, and this article only discusses speculations.

Release date of BGMI Lite could be announced in 2022

Krafton will likely announce the release date of BGMI Lite in the new year. Over the past few months, numerous leaks and hints have added to the buildup of the game’s release.

Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur, a prominent figure in the BGMI community, had stated in one of his older tweets:

BGMI Lite in the New Year?

This post gave users a significant hint that BGMI Lite could be made available this year. Hence, fans are incredibly excited to know the specifics of the game when it will be launched.

Gamers can expect an account transfer feature like BGMI, enabling them to get their PUBG Mobile Lite inventories to BGMI Lite.

Apart from the statement from Maxtern, another prominent influencer, Ghatak, had talked about the release of the game. He assured fans in his Instagram story, mentioning that BGMI Lite will surely be released:

Ghatak assured that BGMI Lite would come out (Image via ghatak.official/Instagram)
Ghatak assured that BGMI Lite would come out (Image via ghatak.official/Instagram)

Nonetheless, it should be noted that these posts are over three months old. It is possible that the game is currently in the works, and the influencers are just hinting at its release without mentioning any specific date to increase the overall hype further.

Most crucial is that fans have received no official news in the last two months. They can, however, anticipate some updates in the coming months.

There’s a prospect that BGMI Lite can be released with the next major PUBG Mobile Lite update, i.e., whenever the 0.23.0 version becomes available. The 0.22.0 iteration came out in September 2020, and since then, there have been no significant changes in the game.

For now, fans have to wait and hope Krafton comes up with a definitive announcement regarding BGMI Lite soon.

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